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UPS Batteries

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1.-Replacement of TC/PRC Power Batteries:

With Power Battery Co at 25 Mclean Blvd, Paterson, NJ 07514, closing their doors for good, Power batteries are no longer available. If you need to replace your HighRate TC/PRC Power batteries, Keyitec can offer you a direct replacement w/ top of the line Fiamm HighLite batteries (see cross-reference to Fiamm, C&D or Enersys below). Fiamm batteries are at the moment particularly attractive, pricewise - take advantage of these very high quality batteries at amazing prices!

Power Batteries FIAMM C&D Enersys
TC/PRC1255S FLX200 UPS12-210MR HX205
TC/PRC1290S FLX300 UPS12-300MR HX300
TC/PRC12100S FLX350 UPS12-350MR HX330
TC/PRC12120S FLX400 UPS12-400MR HX400
TC/PRC12150C FLX500 UPS12-490MR HX505
TC/PRC12160C FLX540 UPS12-540MR HX540

2.-UPS Battery Services:

Keyitec provides New UPS batteries for almost any UPS brands and sizes at a competitive price.
UPS Battery Replacement Keyitec can provide you with VRLA batteries for most single and 3-phase UPS's:
  • Liebert
  • Mitsubishi
  • Toshiba
  • Eaton/Powerware
  • MGE
  • APC
  • GE . . .

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3.-UPS Battery Cabinets:

Keyitec provides batteries and battery cabinets to increase the battery run time of almost any UPS brands and sizes.
Needs evolve with time. If your current battery time is too short and has to be extended, Keyitec can provide you with additional batteries and battery cabinets to meet your new requirements.
Battery Cabinet for UPS Keyitec can provide extended UPS battery time with additional matching battery cabinet(s) for most single and 3-phase UPS's:
  • Liebert
  • Mitsubishi
  • Toshiba
  • Eaton/Powerware
  • MGE
  • APC
  • GE . . .
  • Std cabinets include: sliding trays, Anderson connectors, DC breaker, cable harness in white, beige, light grey or black colors
    • 30"W x 45"H (12 batteries 12-200 to 12-540; 24 batteries 12-120 to 12-150)- 3 sliding trays
    • 30"W x 55"H (16 batteries 12-200 to 12-540; 32 batteries 12-120 to 12-150)- 4 sliding trays
    • 43"W x 45"H (24 batteries 12-200 to 12-540; 48 batteries 12-120 to 12-150)- 6 sliding trays
    • 43"W x 55"H (32 batteries 12-200 to 12-540; 64 batteries 12-120 to 12-150)- 8 sliding trays
    • 43"W x 71"H (40 batteries 12-200 to 12-540; 80 batteries 12-120 to 12-150)- 10 sliding trays
  • [Request a quote]
In the RFQ form, please use the comments to describe:
  • your existing system (UPS type and size, existing battery cabinet/battery type and quantity/run time)
  • new run time needs plus any other requirements (foot print constraints, matching or non-matching cabinets...)

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4.-Spare Batteries/On Site Cabinets:

Keyitec provides On Site Cabinets to hold and keep charged your spare batteries
Batteries in your UPS system(s) can fail at any time. Only one defective battery in a string makes it useless and can jeopardize your business by leaving you with no backup when you need it most. Having spare batteries on site give you the ability to react quickly by replacing the defective battery in no time.
Spare Battery Cabinet Keyitec provides cabinets for spare batteries:
  • Flexible: 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 tray = 4 or 8 or 12 or 16 battery storage
  • Sliding trays
  • Easy to scale as required, multi battery models can be stocked in single cabinet
  • Flexible: Accepts 12V blocks 28Ah - 150Ah
  • Flexible: 12V parallel wiring, easy to remove single batteries
  • Charging: UL approved Pulsetech battery charger/desulphator, 1 charger unit per tray of batteries
  • Supplied complete w/ battery trays and 2AWG cable kits and w/ Enersys or Fiamm batteries
  • 29" W x 31.5" D x 45" H (up to 3 trays or 12 batteries)
  • 43" W x 31.5" D x 45" H (4 trays or 16 batteries)- beige color only
In the RFQ form, please use the comments to describe:
  • how many spare batteries you need & battery size(s) - Enersys or Fiamm

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5.-BACS: cost effective battery monitoring & conditioning system and thermal runaway prevention:

Keyitec offers the BACS system and its Managed Services:

BACS installed on VRLA batteries
  • BACS your monitoring solution
    • daily polling and trending analysis of every battery and string, including battery voltage, resistance and temperature of each battery
    • detects trends, failing battery and sends an alarm
    • reduces battery maintenance cost, extends battery life by 50%+ for maximum ROI


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Request for Quotation - UPS Batteries or UPS Battery Cabinets or PM
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